After School Programs
High-Flyers After School Tutoring & Homework Club

The High-Flyers After school program offers test-preparation and assistance in developing study skills that will help students succeed academically. The program is offered in both one-on-one and small group sessions.

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We offer Summer Camps, click here for more information!

Levels of tutoring for all academic areas:
  • Senior Tutoring provided by an Education Professional
  • Junior Tutor provided by a High School Student
  • Help students complete homework
  • Encourage overall academic success
  • Enhance organization skills
  • Assist with task management
  • Provide test-preparation
  • For those completing homework... learning games, reading time, and a wonderful library to explore
  • Tutoring Services by Certified Teacher: $60, Available upon request
Workshops offered throughout the school year:
  • Becoming an Effective Behavior Manager 1 & 2
  • Striking a Chord With Your Child
  • Left-brained or Right-brained
  • Sibling Revelry 1 & 2
  • Learning Styles
  • Learning Systems
  • Simplicity in Positivity
  • Stress Management for Families
  • Teaching Children Responsibility
  • The Positive Side of Discipline
  • The Effect of the Exposure to Violence on Children
  • Steps for Reading Success

Kayla says, "I am so proud of myself. High Flyers is the place to come so you can learn and focus and be proud of yourself because I know I am."