Elementary School

Through hands-on experimentation and cooperative learning, students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills essential for success in all aspects of their lives. Our teachers respond to and promote intellectual curiosity as the facilitator. Echelon's academic curriculum is enhanced by technology and the arts. Technology is seamlessly integrated into the core curriculum at all grade levels beginning in Kindergarten. And finally, participation in the fine arts and physical education build the spirit and the body just as the academic curriculum does for the mind.

Middle School

The Middle School years are ones of great transition, fun, challenge, and maturation; they are foundational years for students. These are the years in which study habits and foundational knowledge across the curriculum are enhanced and reinforced. Echelon's Middle School experience combines academic excellence with a safe and supportive environment to help each child feel connected in meaningful ways to the school community and fellow students. In addition to classroom activities, Middle School students participate in a variety of field trips including an overnight retreat.

High School

The Echelon educational experience is structured to develop mastery of subject matter as well as a life-long love of learning. Classes at Echelon compel students to explore and examine a recognized body of scholarship that prepares each individual for life as an informed citizen. Along the way, the cultivation of mind and spirit is ever present. Internships with local businesses are an integral part of the student's High School blueprint. Students who meet the minimum attendance requirement benefit from internships by refining career goals, making connections, networking, and discovering more about themselves and future vocational options. For students looking for a challenge, honors courses are offered as well as dual enrollment for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Dual Enrollment is a program that allows high school students to enroll in college courses for credit prior to high school graduation.

International Summer Camp Program

Washington D.C. provides the perfect backdrop for Echelon's international summer camp. Fun cultural activities and classes amid American peers offer students from abroad the opportunity to practice English skills and take in the beauty of the nation's capital. We'll visit Universities and colleges, like the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins.

The Brady Aaron Program

To address the academic needs of children with learning differences, ECHELON ACADEMY provides instruction for children who have been diagnosed with one or several of the following learning disabilities: dyslexia, language disorders, academic skills disorders, attention disorders, processing deficits, executive function disorder, and high functioning autism. The Brady Aaron program serves both publicly funded and private pay students and delivers individualized instruction through a low teacher to student ratio. The small nature of our classes engages students and enables instruction to be delivered at the appropriate academic levels. Related services are made available as needed for additional fees.

From the Director:

Welcome to the Brady Aaron Program!

Every child needs a place to flourish, feel self-satisfied about accomplishment, and welcome challenges. Every parent can be assured and place trust in Echelon Academy. Echelon is that place for children who have tried traditional schooling, but either hasn't experienced success or feels neglected by a school or system that cannot adequately provide the resources for a student who learns differently from a stream-lined approach.

As a special educator over the last twenty five years, I have seen unnecessary struggles and a lot of untapped student intelligence in education. I have also had the opportunity to work with some of the best teachers that education has to offer. The approach at Echelon Academy utilizes those successful research-based strategies that have historical success and continually infuses innovative new teaching methodologies catered to fit each individual at our school.

This approach has been successful for me in a personal way. In third grade I saw my son begin to lose self-esteem and along with it, critical educational skills. We know that self-esteem never leaves alone; it always takes casualties. My first intervention was to meet with the teachers and discuss changes in my son's classroom experience, but after several meetings, I realized that I couldn't make the situation become what I desired for my son: a smiling and dedicated teacher, teacher ownership for his learning, educational gains in each subject area, individualized instruction/learning. My second intervention was to provide all of those desired attributes myself and I made the decision to home school my son.

Echelon Academy is predicated upon a modified home school ideal where students' interests can drive the curriculum, flexible scheduling allows for interdisciplinary instruction, hands-on experiences such as field trips make learning real, varied instructional settings tap into all learning styles, multi-modal teaching reaches every individual, arts integration refines communication while promoting higher order thinking skills in a motivational way, and the notion that our educational path may surprise us at any given moment.

I have learned so much about my son in a journey such as this and Echelon looks forward to discovering all that your child has to offer as he/she realizes full educational potential with self-esteem intact. Our school model is based upon the same values as the geese who fly in the V formation, known as an echelon, providing students with an encouraging environment and utilizing the strengths of all. Leadership constantly shifts allowing each bird to soar in the front and maintaining a V while flying in the air to fly more efficiently and keep communication accessible while in flight.

Honk if you look forward to seeing a smile on your child's face at the end of the school day!

- Kelly Mazzeo, Echelon Academy Director

Echelon Curriculum
Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing are integrated naturally as they should be, and include the many different purposes of writing: to entertain, to explain, to perform, to persuade, and to reflect. Our Reading/Language Arts model encompasses rich reading materials that allow for critical work in the areas of the five essential components of literacy: fluency, phonemic awareness, vocabulary development, phonics, and comprehension. Multi-sensory strategies provide the opportunity for each student to build on reading strengths, yet improve in weaker areas. Applied skills practice in identified areas increase effective reading and a daily reading log creates habitual reading enjoyment and builds reading confidence.


Math is provided at each individual level and is taught through flexible grouping. An interactive approach using manipulatives, real world application, and math games are the key to our successful math program. Reinforcement and review of basic skills keep the math foundation strong while also enabling students to reach problem solving levels commensurate with those skills. Advanced math students embark on a rigorous academic direction preparing our graduates to go on to higher education.


Through hands-on Science and creative opportunities for exploration, Echelon's engaged students develop new ways of looking at the world. Science is taught through experimentation, research, and inquiry while lab experiences provide the opportunity to use observation as well as analytical and critical thinking skills. Echelon reinforces the interdependence between math and science.

Social Studies

Learning Social Studies broadens each student's understanding of the world. The social studies curriculum in the lower grades focuses primarily on our local communities and how they function, and the history of Maryland. The upper grades study the early United States, ancient civilizations, modern world history and U.S. history. geography, which includes maps, countries, capitals, major geographical landmarks, and topography of the entire world, is infused throughout the social studies curriculum.

Arts and Physical Education

Art, music, drama and physical education are a part of our daily schedule for all grades. Every month students participate in a different recreational sport such as tennis, field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer. During the last week of each month, our students have their physical education class at the indoor pool. Frequently throughout the year, we have special events featuring visiting artists and performers who come to our school to work with our students.


Academic progress is monitored through an online gradebook for parents to track grades and communicate with teachers.

Field Trips

All lower, middle, and upper school students average two field trips per month as well as a trip to the indoor pool. Trips provide an educational experience both socially and academically and allow us to connect to the community. Experiential learning is at its finest as we complement classroom learning with field trips that make education come alive. Since our instruction integrates the arts, we also include cultural field trips which expose students to new performances and exhibits. This rounds out our holistic child approach by building interests on the leisure side of our students and nurturing cultural appreciation at the same time.

Echelon Academy Book Club

Book Club

Echelon Academy Graduation Speech Student poster-Poetry
Student Science

Students learn about crystal growing

Student Science

A Student Diorama Project

Student Science Student Science