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Echelon Academy employs the very best research-based strategies and instructional methodologies. Our curriculum content is carefully aligned to the state learning standards. Where necessary, appropriate modifications and adaptations are made to ensure all students can access academic material at personally challenging levels.

The Arts are an integral part of our teaching model, allowing students to be taught and assessed through varied means, not confined to paper and pencil measures. Cultivating enriched and engaging educational experiences through literature, music, art, drama, 3-D depiction and movement makes learning interesting and results in higher academic achievement. Research has shown Arts Integration (AI) experiences are seen to be critical to a quality education, and powerfully influence young people in their ability to learn and support future career choices. Therefore, AI is fully embedded every day and as research demonstrates, AI increases achievement levels for all students.

Each student at Echelon Academy has a student Blueprint that specifies key learning goals and levels of achievement. Plans are designed by our director, teachers, parents, and students. Learning plans are reviewed and modified as necessary. Weekly, the school faculty meets to discuss and actively manage individual student progress.

The Echelon Academy established The Brady Aaron Program for students who require additional support. All publically funded students are automatically enrolled in The Brady Aaron Program.


  • where students feel true connectedness with each other. Our students and staff interact as a family. We all know the delicate intricacies of each other and we support one another. The result of a close knit environment is lifelong friends.
  • a school that delivers a program that is driven by the students. We are unique in our small size, but it is one of the secrets to our success! Research supports the notion that students learn best in smaller numbers. When learning groups consist of 4-5 students, student interaction is maximized and learning soars.
  • the school that can both challenge your child and strengthen deficit academic areas. Through an individualized approach, Echelon is able to identify student strengths and weaknesses. A Blueprint is developed for each student to guide instruction in the direction of personalized goals. We want students to continue to advance in all areas and we know that the best way to motivate students is for them to authentically experience success, especially in the toughest areas.
  • a place where students can prepare for living in the real world after they graduate. Everything we do within our four walls, has greater implications in the post-graduation world. Social interactions and communication, global and academic knowledge and strong work ethic and work study skills at Echelon make our students incredibly viable in the world of employment and college.


We look forward to flying with you and your child!

"Every child needs a place to flourish, to feel
self-satisfied about accomplishment."


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• We're excited to announce, we've found a new home! Echelon Academy is moving to a much larger, wonderful location, with more learning spaces, a dedicated Related Services area, a larger library, with high-tech classrooms integrating interactive "Smartboard" technology and new chromebooks for awesome students. Make an appointment and come visit.
• Kelly Mazzeo presents
Moving into Mindfulness:
The Integration of Mind-Body
Connection with Physicality

at the Learning Disabilities
Association (LDA)
National Convention in
Atlanta, Georgia on
February 21, 2018
• Kelly Mazzeo and Alex Mazzeo
Job Development
and Placement

at the state
MANSEF conference
in Baltimore, MD
on December 1, 2017
• Kelly Mazzeo
Picture This!
Increasing comprehension through the explicit instruction of visualization

at the Learning Disabilities
Association (LDA)
International Conference in
Baltimore, MD
on February 19th
• Kelly Mazzeo presents
Increasing the
Depth of Instruction
through the Arts

at the Maryland Association
of Nonpublic Special
Education Facilities (MANSEF)
conference in the
Baltimore Convention Center
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